Andrea Marcelli

Security Researcher at Cisco Talos

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I'm Andrea Marcelli, a security researcher working in Cisco Talos.
I obtained my Ph.D. in Computer and Control Engineering from Politecnico di Torino in 2019 under the supervision of Giovanni Squillero.
My research interests include malware analysis, semi-supervised modeling, and advanced optimization methods.
When I'm not in front of a computer, I enjoy the wind, the waves, and the salty waters of the Mediterranean.

Work Experience

Malware Research Engineer at Cisco Talos
[mar 2019 - ongoing]

Security Researcher at Hispasec Sistemas
[nov 2016 - feb 2019]


The Maximum Common Subgraph Problem: A Parallel and Multi-Engine Approach
Stefano Quer, Andrea Marcelli and Giovanni Squillero
Computation, 2020

Countering Android Malware: a Scalable Semi-Supervised Approach for Family-Signature Generation
Andrea Atzeni, Fernando Díaz, Andrea Marcelli, Antonio Sánchez, Giovanni Squillero, Alberto Tonda
IEEE Access, 2018

An Unsupervised and Non-Invasive Model for Predicting Network Resource Demands
Fulvio Corno, Luigi De Russis, Andrea Marcelli, Teodoro Montanaro
IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2018

Machine Learning and other Computational-Intelligence Techniques for Security Applications
PhD Thesis

Computational-Intelligence Techniques for Malware Generation
MSc Thesis

Some Talks

Looking for the perfect signature: an automatic YARA rules generation algorithm in the AI-era (Windows version)
CCN-CERT XII - Kinépolis (Madrid), Thursday 13th December 2018

Inteligencia colectiva con Koodous y YaYaGen
Criptored and BBVA Next Technologies - BBVA Open Space (Madrid), Thursday 13th September 2018

Looking for the perfect signature: an automatic YARA rules generation algorithm in the AI-era
DEFCON 26, BSidesLV - Aug 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada

Workshop on reverse engineering and signature generation
CISO SACON 2020 - online version

2020 - Andrea Marcelli